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This area is meant to provide answers to frequently-askedFAQ questions about our products. If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact info@ultronlift.com we will have an answer to you quickly.

How do I get the right liftgate for my truck? Answer; The best way is to talk to your dealer or contact us but be prepared to answer some questions when you call. Click on the questions link to see the questions you may get asked. Questions

Is the platform heavy to open or close manually?                             Answer:  All platforms come with torsion assist pre adjusted at the factory so they are easy to open and close.  Platforms will take no more that 50lb of lifting with most at less than 30 lbs. You also have the option of getting hydraulic closing and opening for hands free operation.

How far above the floor will the AF option lift?
Answer: A pickup truck or service body lift will travel 46 total and a DL/DS/GB/HD series liftgate will travel 56 total. The easiest way to figure how far above the floor of your truck the platform will travel is to follow this formula: 56" or 46 (minus) - The bed height of your truck = Above floor travel. Following is an example: 56" - 40" (Truck bed height) = 16" of above floor travel. (This applies to DL, DS, 2000-3000 lb. GB/HD models only)

Can I get above floor lift for my pick up truck or service body liftgate?
Answer: Yes! Ultron is the only liftgate manufacturer to offer this feature. This will allow you to lift the platform up to 46" from the ground. This means that if your pick up truck has a bed height of 26", this liftgate will go 20" above the floor of your pickup truck.

Can I get a longer platform?
Answer: Yes, we can build oversized platforms up to 72" deep by using aluminum or hydraulic close. And we can do it just as fast as a standard platform size.

Can I get hands free power close of the platform? Answer:  Yes you can with option 443, for PTNs or DLs which gives you hands free hydraulic close and gravity open or you can get option 305 which is full hydraulic open and close and this is available with most models. Some, like the HD and GB have it standard. This option is strongly recommended when you work with large platforms.

Cold weather operation is a problem. Is there anything I can do?
Answer: Yes. We offer an option for all of our liftgates called the Low Maintenance ValuPak™ which helps in cold weather operation.

On tuckunder DA series you can get an option for power down. On direct vertical lifts, they come with power down standard.

Can I get a different platform surface?
Answer: Yes. We offer many different platform surfaces such as aluminum, safety grip strut™, galvanized, stainless steel, steel bar grating, expanded metal and more.

Who is my local Ultron Lift dealer?
Answer: To find your local dealer email us your location at
info@ultronlift.com and well email you back the local dealer in your area. You can also call us at 1-800-289-1335.